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Anderson Valley (Boonville and Philo)

Anderson Valley

World travelers often tell locals that the Anderson Valley is not only one of the most beautiful valleys in Northern California, but one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere in the world.

Fast becoming renowned for the fine wines produced here, the Anderson Valley stretches along scenic Highway 128, which connects Highways 101 in the east to Highway 1 on the coast. A trip along 128 takes the visitor through rolling hills dotted with grazing sheep and broad, sheltering oaks to the central part of the Valley where wineries and tasting rooms are framed by acres of vineyards. The trip continues along the Navarro River for a sinuous 14 miles through majestic, towering redwoods protected by State Park. At the Pacific end of this odyssey, travelers emerge from these redwoods to feast their eyes on the dazzling green of the ever-widening Navarro which joins the sea at a broad, sandy beach.

Downtown BoonvilleBoonville, the largest of the Valley towns, has six restaurants, several shops that feature local artisans, and a world-class microbrewery. It is also home of the Boonville Hotel and the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show. For local color stop further west, in Philo, at Libby's Restaurant; or if you plan an extensive wine-tasting adventure stay at the Philo Pottery Inn where the hospitality is superb. Navarro, which once boasted 14 mills and three brothels, is little more than a remnant of its former glory, but the western false-fronted buildings still stand.

If it's land you want, this is the place! In some cases, you can pay as much for a one acre parcel as a 20 acre parcel.

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